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Internationalisation & Partnership Unit

International collaboration and partnerships are a key component of Coal City University’s vision of a world class centre of learning and research that will create and apply knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of citizens of its city, its region, and the global community and produce well-rounded, entrepreneurial, and globally employable graduates. Here at Internationalisation and Partnership Unit, we facilitate the realisation of this vision by putting in place framework to attract international students and world class faculty to the University. We support our students and faculty to contribute, as well as, take full advantage of the growing global network of excellence and innovation happening in learning and research by expediting research collaborations, academic exchanges, joint conferences, and workshops, amongst others. At Internationalisation and partnership Unit, we will continue to explore and develop innovative ways of engaging with other universities, the private sector, governments, and local and international organisations to make Coal City University an African Centre of intellectual engagement and community transformation. Coal City University is an ideal choice if you are looking for a fully modernised and agile institutional partner for research collaboration, as well as other forms of partnership in Africa.

Services provided by the Unit

• Provide advice to faculties, departments, and centres in developing and scaling up mutually beneficial national and international collaborations and partnerships

• Provide strategic advice to the University on international matters

• Oversee University-wide strategic partnerships

• Provide advice regarding appropriate due diligence for international agreements

• Coordinate overseas visits by senior University representatives and inward visits by senior overseas delegations

• Process applications for the University Visiting Fellowship programme

• Organise orientation programme for CCU staff going abroad for further studies, etc.

• Source for international linkages and collaborations with other Universities/ Institutions/ Organisations

• Serve as the first point of call for new international partnership enquiries and proposal, including requests for meetings and visits to campus

• Facilitate and support operational planning with CCU Faculties and overseas partners

• Maintain and manage partnership register in conjunction with other relevant departments in the university

• Manage and advise on partner communications and relationship development

• Manage and report on students and staff exchange programmes and fellowships such as Erasmus, Newton, and Marie Curie, amongst others

• Facilitate the development of new exchange agreements. Development of procedure and policies that ensure that quality and standard; especially concerning communication with international partners

• Support incoming and outgoing students and staff

• Facilitation of applications for residence permits and visas for students

• Orientation for incoming and outgoing international students

• Cultural excursions for international students each semester

• Answering questions, concerns and request for information from prospective and admitted international students

• Advice to students on general travel information and safety tips locally and internationally

• Provision of ongoing support to students while enrolled at the university

• Development of appropriate ongoing training for staff to meet international standards and expectation of the University’s partners.

• Discharge any other assignment given by the Vice-Chancellor

Obinna Uguru, PhD (Glasgow Caledonian University)
Coordinator, Internationalisation and Partnership Unit
[email protected]

Profile of Dr Obinna Uguru

Dr Obinna Uguru is the Coordinator,  Internationalisation and Partnership Unit, Coal City University.  Prior to this role, he served as a Researcher in the Centre for Climate Justice, Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), Scotland. He also worked as an adjunct lecturer in the School of Engineering and Built Environment, GCU, where he taught several courses, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. As Researcher, he has built and facilitated multi-disciplinary collaborative research partnerships amongst researchers working from Universities in Scotland, Malawi and Zambia.

Dr Uguru has experience spanning both Academia and Industry in a cross-functional professional environment with more than 7 years international experience. He is well versed in stakeholder engagement and client relationship management with a talent for delivering outstanding client services through leadership and inspiring peak team performance.

He has a BSc in Industrial Chemistry from EBSU (Nigeria), MSc in Energy and Environmental Management and PhD in Sustainability in Built Environment both from Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland.