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Sir Chinedu Anih


Sir Chinedu Ani is the Chancellor and promoter of Coal City University and the Executive Director of the ATCOI College of Education. He is an entrepreneur of sterling character and an eminent individual who has exhibited true distinction in business and philanthropy.

Born in Enugu, he earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Enugu State University of Science and Technology. As a young adult, he was exposed to and fascinated by different schools of thought, as well as political and religious ideologies, especially Marxism and Liberation Theology, which were popular among educated youth at the time. He passionately hoped to bring change to society through critical thinking and participation in social movements as a student. However, after graduating from ESUT, he realised that his passions lay elsewhere and went on to pursue his entrepreneurial passion in real estate and higher education sectors in Nigeria, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Sir Ani is an impressive entrepreneur. He brings a wealth of experience and business acumen to the University. His professional accomplishments are invariably matched by his contributions to education and community. His business acumen has helped shape the development of a number of organisations in Nigeria and abroad. His career journey is testimony to the view of Edith Penrose, the British economist who wrote the 1959 classic The Theory of the Growth of the Firm that underpins modern strategy. A good businessman needs not be ambitious but, without ambition, there is no growth. Managers can run businesses with competence but it is the ambition and initiative of entrepreneurs like Sir Chinedu Ani that drive job creation and economic growth in our society. He has become notable and highly regarded in the society not only for his exceptional knowledge in education management and the large number of people he employs in his various organisations but also for his pleasant, kind, calm demeanour and youth development projects.

Sir Chiendu Ani has made charitable work his life’s other priority and founded the PROFSCA Foundation in honour of late Professor Fr. Stan Anih, the founder of ATCOI College of Education. Through the foundation, he supports a wide range of social sectors, including youth empowerment, education and health. He is warmly admired for his philanthropy and support for youth development. His philanthropic support has allowed a multitude of individuals, to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. Many are thankful for his contributions to their personal, professional and educational achievements. He humbly attributes this commitment and selfless dedication to an altruistic obligation grounded in his religious faith.

He has continued to carry out his leadership roles in several institutions with a commitment, compassion, humanity and humility that is an inspiration to many. He has participated in several workshops, seminars and conferences on modernisation of higher education around the world. He made a tremendous and indispensable effort to the establishment of Coal City University and brings his entrepreneurial and business experience to the University and its students.

He is married to Lady Njideka Ani and they are blessed with three kids. He has been honored with numerous awards, nationally and internationally.