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Information Technology Unit

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) works to keep Coal City University connected, to support education and research goals and enhance the students experience. In addition to delivering projects and initiatives that enable achievement of School’s strategic goals, we look after the systems and services that keep the School running.

To facilitate world-leading research, teaching and learning and enhance the digital experience, through provision of sustainable and reliable IT solutions.

We will take a ‘user-first’ approach to deliver service excellence, staying agile to drive digital innovation, whilst keeping core assets safe and resilient.

User First – Consider the user experience in everything we do
Clear and Simple Communication – Committed to using accessible language and being transparent
Stay Secure – Be champions of good practice, proactively managing risks related to information technology
Equitable and Open – In our service provision and professional approach, providing access to our expertise and resources
Agile approach – Adopt a flexible operational approach and mind-set by anticipating and adapting positively to change
From provider to ‘partner’ – Develop a partnership approach to working, through close collaboration and integrated processes
Develop our people – Contribute to staff development, continuing to build capabilities and talents to delivery excellent service.

What does ICT do? Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) supports Coal City University to reach strategic goals in both education and research and to enhance the student experience.

Connected: We set up user accounts for staff, students and guests that provide access to the School’s IT resources. Behind the scenes we are busy managing the complex network cabling, hardware and software that allows you to access our services in person or via the network.

Keeping in touch: Our web developers assist the in maintaining and improving the website. Additionally, we support systems, including zoom for Business and SharePoint, that aid collaboration and communication across campuses and externally.

Customer service: We support online service desk systems across Coal City University for reporting and tracking requests and faults. Our ICT Service Desk is open from Monday to Friday, responding to reports and calls for assistance. ICT Faculty Support teams based across School are on hand to respond to reports in person.

Teaching and learning: We support and develop Coal City University’s virtual learning environment, zoom, google meet, myCCU and other systems that enhance courses and tutor feedback. We also support and upgrade audio visual equipment across shared teaching spaces which offers filmed lectures to students.

Student experience: We are always keen to work with and hear from students and we run many student-led forums to facilitate the sharing of information and opinions.

Enabling research: We provision and develop multiple data management systems that support Coal City University’s advances in various fields of research.

Managing data: We maintain, enhance and support core School systems to handle administrative and research data.

Staying secure: To protect our users from the risks associated with unauthorized access, alteration and attacks, our Security Team monitors the processes and policies that protect the integrity and security of the School’s systems and equipment.