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COAL CITY UNIVERSITY ALUMNI UNIT is a directorate concerned with establishing and sustaining a life-long relationship between the university and its graduated students. Its inception coincided with the graduation of our pioneer (2019/2020) students at the end of the first four (4) years of the university’s dynamic existence. Designed to be one of the most traditional arms of the university’s social outfits, it offers instant membership to all the graduated students of the university who have successfully terminated their training by bagging the university’s diploma, degree, or post graduate certificates.

The association is a pragmatic platform, mutually beneficial for the university and for its graduates.  The graduates are the limbs with which the university acquires broad experience by travelling with focus and positive impact to the different parts of the world. And the university is on its part the propelling and steering force committed to properly channeling the advancement and growth of the graduates on the intricate terrain of the modern business and career world.

The association offers countless benefits to its active members as a solid prop and guide on which our graduates can lean as they journey to the top, constantly connected to their Alma mater and to one another in a network of business and career promoting relationships.


Ejike Aneke has his BA (Hons) degree in English from the University of Ibadan, and his MA degree in English with emphasis in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Lagos. Before joining the academic world, he had worked as a Senior Staff Writer to Amanda Communications Limited in Lagos, after which he served as the West African Regional Manager to Alexi boat Trading Company limited, a Ghana-based film production and marketing coy.

He became a lecturer in 2008 with the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. He has taught Literature and Creative Writing in different universities, apart from his experience in teaching General Studies English at all levels in universities and polytechnics. Since he started lecturing, he has taught in the Renaissance University, Enugu; Caritas University, Enugu; Institute of Ecumenical Education, Enugu (where he was until leaving them for CCU as the Coordinator of General Studies Programme and the HOD of English Department);  and Coal City University, Enugu.

Apart from his scholarly articles published in international and local journals, he has written some notable creative works. His Africa Blames God was published by Spectrum Books Ibadan  in 2000, in conjunction with Africa Books Collective and Safari books of London, and has been adopted by Indiana University. His Eyes Like Diamond published by Abic Books, Enugu, is currently a five-star readership rated novel in the Google Books world.

A reading of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion set Ejike Aneke on the terrain of Religious Philosophy and Theology as he began anxiously to reexamine the validity of the divinity of Jesus and the Trinitarian mystery.  The need he felt for the defense of Christianity drove him deep into the realm of Religious Philosophy and Theology to unearth recondite aspects of cardinal Christian myths, and to reconcile the divinity of Jesus with cosmic realities and practical life experiences. The product of that enterprise is a wonderful book-length treatise titled God’s Beauty and Truth, now selling at AMAZON.

Aneke is from Obioma in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.

Happily married, with a daughter and three sons, Ejike Aneke is currently the pioneer Director of Alumni Relations, and the Coordinator of English and literary Studies Programme, Coal City University, Enugu.


Director, Alumni Relations: Mr Ejike Aneke

Tel: 08038946230

Email: [email protected]