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About CCU

About Coal City University

Coal City University (CCU) in Enugu State of Nigeria is a not-for-profit private university established in 2016. The University is a globally focused and fast-rising university in Nigeria. The University aspires to be a world-class centre of learning and research that will produce well-rounded, entrepreneurial, and globally employable graduates.

The University is committed to the creation of knowledge through fundamental and applied research, and the application of knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of citizens of its city, its region, and the global community. The University has embarked on an ambitious transformation strategy built around the three core pillars of quality, internationalisation, and sustainability.

CCU aims to provide quality education of international standards comparable to what is obtainable in top universities across the world, at a significantly lower cost than what it costs to study abroad. Our students are taught by industry experts and top-notch academics with significant international experience who discover, produce, and disseminate new knowledge, and collaborate with other experts locally and around the world, on a wide variety of projects. Most importantly, they bring their finely-honed expertise into the classroom, where they share with students their knowledge and passions for their fields.

The University prides itself on offering an excellent learning experience for students, informed by up-to-date research, and facilitated by a high-quality learning environment, with multi-media classrooms, ultra-modern laboratories, and modern library. Our classes are delivered in small groups with maximized interaction and engagement. Our small class sizes provide students with easy access to academic staff and wonderful opportunities to participate in hands-on projects. We create a suitable environment for our students to expand their horizons, equip them with the tools to deal with complexity and the knowledge to ask the right questions.

The University offers industry-focussed and globally-oriented Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting; Business Administration; Biochemistry; Computer Science; Criminology and Security Studies; Economics; English and Literary Studies; History and Diplomatic Studies; International Relations; Marketing; Mass Communication; Microbiology; Political Science; Psychology; Public Administration; Religious Studies; Sociology and Taxation.

All academic programmes are quality assured in Nigeria and by overseas external examiners. We have several partnership agreements with educational and other organisations in Nigeria and abroad. These agreements allow us to offer a wider range of courses to students and give them access to specialist facilities and lecturers. Our students also could benefit from enriching study-abroad programme with our partner institutions in Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States, amongst others.

Coal City University is committed to providing a stimulating, supportive and personal learning environment that helps students grow as individuals and ensures all students get the right opportunity to reach their full potential. The university is increasingly recognised for its distinctive approach to supporting students to become lifelong learners, discover what works for them in live, to enhance their lives and achieve career success.

History of Coal City University

Coal City University was established due largely to the vision, tenacity, and the efforts of a frontline educationalist and philanthropist, Rev. Fr. Prof. Stan Anih (of blessed memory), who had a long-standing vision and passion to provide Africa with a world-class University that creates and imparts knowledge, which will equip individuals with the critical skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their full potentials, and drive positive change in the world. With the successful founding and running of African Thinkers Community of Inquiry College of Education in Enugu, Rev. Fr. Prof. Stan Ani, a man of lively imagination, conceived the idea to establish Coal City University to make world-class education accessible in Nigeria and the West African region.

He invited like minds to support him in establishing a university of first choice for people seeking academic excellence and self-actualisation. These people were His Royal Majesty Igwe Justice Ezebuilo Ozobu (of blessed memory), His Royal Highness Igwe Hon. Dr Benjamin Chukwuemeka Nnachetam, Dr. Sylvester Emeka Igwe, Professor Charles Anikweze, Barrister (Mrs) Chikodi Madu, Ambassador Ogbonnaya Aja-Nwachukwu, and Chief (Mrs) Felicia Anih, among others. These gentlemen and ladies became the pioneering members of the Board of Trustees of the proposed university.

A bill to establish the University was presented to the Enugu State House of Assembly. This was sponsored by Hon. David Atigwe in August 2003. A public hearing on the Bill was subsequently presented by the House of Assembly, after which the Bill to establish the University was signed into Law in Enugu State by Governor Chimaroke Nnamani. Thereafter, the Board of Trustees applied to National Universities Commission for a license to establish Coal City University in Enugu. Unfortunately, Rev. Fr. Prof. Stan Ani passed on at the tail-end of the application process for the establishment of the University.

The mantle of leadership for the actualization of the vision was passed on to Honourable Sir. Chinedu Ani, who became the promoter and progenitor of the vision. That Coal City University now boasts an ultra-modern and beautiful university campus is largely due to the entrepreneurial vision and determination of the promoter, who has now become the Chancellor of the University. He and other members of the Board of Trustees worked tirelessly to meet the criteria for obtaining University license in Nigeria. These eminent public figures and leaders of vision, courage and imagination worked tirelessly to set standards that are above and beyond the criteria required by regulatory bodies and accreditation processes.

On the 22nd of November, 2016 the Federal Government of Nigeria issued the license for the University to operate as a private university in Nigeria. Consequently, the University opened its doors in November 2016 with two faculties – Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences, and Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences- ten departments, fifteen programmes, and 81 pioneer students.

Today, Coal City University is one of the country’s fastest rising private university, with a growing reputation for excellence in teaching and research and strong links with business, industry and government. Our students study in a high-quality academic environment that is student-focused and based on innovative approaches to learning and growing research culture. The University is non-sectarian in its teaching and committed to academic freedom and open inquiry.


To be a world-class centre of learning and research that will create and apply knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of citizens of its city, its region, and the global community and produce well-rounded, entrepreneurial, and globally employable graduates.


The vision of Coal City University is to be a citadel of learning poised to engender a mastery of critical thinking skills which will manifest in the ability to apply the concepts and knowledge acquired to real life situations.


The University expects all staff and students, along with all other stakeholders, to act in accordance with the values outlined below, and to assume personal and collective responsibility for assuring that these are embedded within the culture of the University. These core values should be addressed in all circumstances and in all activities of the University.

1. Excellence: All CCU activities are conducted with a strong emphasis on international quality standards. We are committed to supporting all our students and staff reach their full potential.

2. Accountability: We take ownership of our actions, are courageous in our decisions, and maintain a laser focus on the excellent student learning experience.

3. Transparency: We value truth, professionalism, honesty, strong moral and ethical principles.

4. Due Process: All CCU activities are conducted in line with internationally-leading principles, procedures, and quality assurance standards.

5. Creativity: CCU encourages innovative and creative thinking which inspire new approaches and entrepreneurial spirit, in advancing knowledge, and finding enduring solutions to real-life problems and socio-economic challenges.

6. Collegiality: In CCU, we embrace shared governance, inspire tolerance, welcome opportunities to exchange diverse perspectives, and pledge ourselves to civil discourse.

7. Social Responsibility: CCU promotes community engagement, environmental sustainability and global citizenship. We also promote acting ethically and responsibly for the greater good.