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International Partnership Programme

CCU & DSU 2 +2 Twinning Programmes

  1. Students will study for 2years here in CCU and progress to DSU to study 2Yyears and complete the B.Sc Programme
  2. The Programmes covered are Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, History & Diplomatic Studies, Biology, Computer Science, Mass Communication
  3. At the end of programme, Students will be awarded 2 Bachelor’s degree, one each from DSU and CCU

4+0 Residential Programme

  1. Students will be in Residence for the 2years at CCU
  2. Full Online Access to all DSU Excellent Facilities
  3. Programmes covered are Business Administration, Economics and Computer Science
  4. Courses are taught by Professors and Faculty Members from both DSU and CCU
  5. Students will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree by DSU and a Bachelor’s degree by CCU