About CCU Library

Coal City University Library, which is known as the knowledge management centre of the institution and the repository centre of the University collections, is an academic library established in Coal City University to provide bibliographic services that support the programmes of the University community. In order to achieve the predetermined objective of the parent institution, the library performs tripartite roles in the University which includes; Teaching, Learning, and Research.

To provide high quality library services of international standard and qualities in support of the University community.

The Coal City University Library is committed to support the teaching, Learning, recreational and research programmes of the University by providing high quality, cost effective information and learning resources and services through a range of Media.


  1. Collect and manage resources of all formats to support teaching, learning and research programmes of the University.
  2. Improve its resources and services on continuing basis in line with changing needs and priorities of the University. Provide equitable access for the users.
  3. Impart information skills to users to make optimum use of resources. Within the limits of available space provide areas for different user’s needs. Ensure that users are treated with courtesy and respect by library staff.

In other to function effectively and administratively, the University library is divided in to sections for effective delivery.


The University Library building is a modern 21st century edifice located at the bank of Ekulu River with a reading hall that can accommodate one hundred and thirty (130) readers at a time. Though a budding University library, acquisition of current materials is a regular activity and from time to time the University library receives materials in form of gifts and donations from philanthropist/donors. Currently, the library has about 12,621 Volumes of books.

The Library is the BRAIN of the University and it plays an indispensable role in accomplishing its aims, it equally Provides Selective dissemination of information services (SDI) and Current awareness services (CAS) to its clientele to keep them abreast of the current trends in their various disciplines.

E- Library
The University Virtual library is equipped with modern and internet enabled computers and other e- resources which will assist the library users in their information needs.
Coal City University library subscribes to scholarly databases which provides access to EBSCOHOST, JSTOR, Z- LIBRARY, TAYLOR & FRANCIS, SCIENCE DIRECT etc. These databases permits access to millions of recent e- books and e- journals across all disciplines thus, creating an enhanced resource base for teaching, learning and research in the University. Access to all these databases is through Coal city University Library portal

Email: librarian@ccu.edu.ng OR Stephen.ani@ccu.edu.ng

Mobile: +234 8189036786 / +124 8068071118