prof. patrickProfessor Patrick Ezepue is a Visiting Professor of Applied Statistics & Business Analytics in the Department of Mathematics and computer Science. He is also a member, Committee for Academic Planning & Quality Assurance, Coal City University Enugu. Professor Ezepue is a Professor of Engineering and Mathematics at Sheffield Hallam University.

He has developed and supervised several PhD projects in areas of Information modelling and Statistics using a special corporate-academic model and has published scholarly articles in areas such as Stochastic Processes and their Application in Finance, Insurance, Economics, Banking and Business. Ezepue’s key research interests are Statistical Modelling and Informatics, Business Analytics and Decision support systems. He received his Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Nigeria, Enugu, Nigeria and obtained his PhD in Stochastic Modelling as a Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Patrick is also Founder & Director of Research and Innovation, African Higher Education & Research. Email: