prof. chumaProf. Chuma Okoro is a Visiting Professor in the Department Microbiology, Coal City University. He is currently a professor of Environmental Microbiology at Alex Ekweme Federal University. He got his first degree in Microbiology from University of Nigeria, Enugu, M.Sc. degree and PhD. Prof. Okoro was a UNESCO Scholar at the University of Tel-Aviv Israel in 1997 where he worked with Prof. Eugene Rosenberg on the production and development of biological surfactants.

Prof. Okoro invented a bioremediation technology in 1996 called “Sea Water Microbial Inocula” an efficient bioremediation technology that is presently used by a multinational oil company to manage oil spills in Nigerian mangrove swamps. At the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he did his Post-doctoral studies, Prof. Okoro established a very strong research collaboration with Prof. Gerrit Voordouw, leader of the Petroleum Microbiology Research group on production related problems of microbial origin in the oil and gas industry. The research produced over 20 published high impact research articles. Prof. Okoro has published widely in both local and international journals. He has research collaborations with the University of Calgary Canada, University of Tennessee, USA, University of Kwa-Zulu Nathal, South Africa and United States Geological Survey (USGS), Reston, Virginia. Email: