Academic PlanningDr. Ikechukwu Odigbo is the Registrar at Coal City University, Enugu where he is a faculty member of the Faculty of Arts and Management Sciences. Educated in Nigeria, Rome and United Kingdom, he has extensive experience in teaching, research, and development practice.

He taught at the Essex Business School, and currently holds the position of Fellow of the School of Philosophy and Arts History (SPAH) at the University of Essex, England. He is a part of international collaborative research with scholars from Nigeria, the United Kingdom, America, Germany, and Italy. Currently, a part-time lecturer at the Philosophy Department of Bigard Memorial Seminary (BMS)-Enugu, he was once a visiting scholar to Spiritan School of Theology (SIST), Enugu. His academic expertise falls within social and political philosophy.

He researches on the broad areas of Critical Social Theory, Christian Theology and Markets/Businesses. He examines social institutions such as markets and interested especially in busines practices, trends, and their social implications. This he does from the prism of Christian theology while drawing from the tradition of the Catholic Social Thought. He is a member of the Political Philosophers Association of Nigeria (PPAN) and Catholic Political Philosophers Association of Nigeria (CAPAN). In answering the questions of the Christian foundations of businesses and markets, he believes that the application of Christian principles to businesses can influence the way businesses and markets are viewed and operated. He co-founded and co-runs the African Institute for Applied Philosophy (Afri-IAP), a research and documentation body that collaborates with other academic and research centres across the world to apply philosophical theories to socio-economic problems in Africa and beyond. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the African Higher Education Research Observatory, a UK-based higher education consultancy think-tank, and also works as a research and education consultant for United Nations Development Project (UNDP), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) etc.

He studied Philosophy and Theology at the undergraduate level. He also obtained Masters’ Degree in Development Studies from the University of Nigeria, Masters’ Degree in Business Administration (Executive MBA) from ESUT Business School, and Post Graduate Diploma in Education. He went further to obtain Masters’ and Doctorate Degrees in Philosophy from the University of Essex, England. He has many academic publications to his name, with more than fifty published op-eds and social commentaries and articles to his credit.