Dr. Ogbonnia G. Ochonma is a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Management Sciences Coal City University. He is an associate professor of Business Management and Strategy with additional interest in Hospital Management and Administration. He had all his post-secondary education in the United States with BS degree in Business Management (Finance) bias, Masters of Business Management (MBA) and a PHD in Business Management and Administration.

He has had extensive teaching and research experiences in his chosen field of education with over fifty (50) publications notably with City University of New York (CUNY) in the City of New York and Albany State University in Albany Georgia. His research and teaching experiences span through many areas including corporate strategy, small business management and business financial management. He equally has interest in hospital management strategy and improved access to health care. On his return to Nigeria, He has worked as both business and hospital management consultant with companies and establishments of noted reputations and has also picked up teaching appointments and presently with University of Nigeria. He has supervised many undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate thesis and dissertations spanning through many areas of my academic expertise and endeavors. I have attended many conferences in my academic fields of endeavor and have had many opportunities of being in academic administrative positions in several universities. Email: ogbonnia.ochonma@ccu.edu.ng