Why you should chose Coal City University

1. Small, interactive classes- not just boring lecture halls:
CCU offers small size, engaging, lively learning environment. our teachers are better equipped to deal with the needs of a classroom by observing and fine-tuning their style of teaching to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
2. Pratical, hands-on assessment :
Rather than just reading about what you’re learning or seeing it being done; in CCU, you will get to participate in workshops and get hands-on experience. From day one, students can expect to get real world briefs under the guidance of their lecturers/teachers.
3. Emphasis on industry experience:
CCU places heavier emphasis on gaining practical skills through placements rather than just learning theory. The best part is, these industry placements give you work experience to put on your resume even before you graduate. At the end of the day isn’t that what all students are aiming for? To be prepared for life outside the classroom and to hit ground running in a career they love.
4. Engaging teachers:
Our academics are more like mentors and less like old profs standing behind a podium. They have worked in the industry and are experts in their field. This makes classes much more interesting when students get to learn first hand experience they’ve had in the field.
5. well trained teachers:
At CCU our student are our primary focus and we work tirelessly to make sure the student get the required education and mentoring that they need from qualified teachers, and we do that by assessing our teachers regularly through our student eyes.
6. Entrepreneurship training:
In coal city university, student are not only lecture on theoretical aspects but are also trained practically on basic entrepreneurship skills. Which can be if great benefit to the student in terms of job creation and independence.
7. Free and quality accommodation:
Coal city university provide for its student free and quality accommodation in a conducive environment to ensure an easy and comfortable learning experience throughout their stay.
8. Result validation:
To ensure transparency in our educational system and satisfaction of our student all round, students can request for their scripts to be remarked during the result validation window, in case of any misunderstanding .
9. Student and management meetings:
Every semester in coal city university, compulsory sessions are held where the students raise their concerns to management to be duly attended to.
10. World class technology based:
Coal city university being a school that has its student as it no 1 priority has developed and online learning platforms for its student, not only for the comfort and easy learning experience but also for protection, to enable them stay safe due to the ongoing global pandemic. In this sense , students can have their normal lectures and write their continuous assessment from home.
11. Quality infrastructures and facilities:
Coal city university provides quality infrastructure and facilities like well equipped laboratories and well stocked libraries to ensure that the student not only get first class lectures but can also use quality equipment for practicals. Infrastructures for sports and recreational activities are also available for our student’s extracurricular activities.
12. Academic difference:
Coal city university do not have to teach to a test. As a result, we focus more on teaching you how to think, as to opposed to teaching you what to think. Which will help you to develop a healthy thinking ability.
13. Core values and vision:
Coal city university has core values and vision and we enusre to run tirelessly with them to ensure the good morals we preach are being upheld.
14. Stable academic calendar:
In CCU nobody halts the academic calendar for unnecessary reasons. From the day you enter, you can check the calendar for necessary academic activities. CCU has never shut down because of strike or riots, which means graduating at recorded time.
15. Good leadership/organization /transparency:
It is common fact that the performance of any system is determined by her leadership, coal city university has a good, transparent and highly efficient leadership that has never witnessed anarchy once. Decisions in the school always follow the due processes that can not be by-passed by any individual.